Area3 – AtroGuard® combine the natural wood element and rigidity of Laminate flooring with the water resistance of Luxury Vinyl products.

The Next Generation of
Waterproof Flooring

AtroGuard® was specifically developed to combine
the natural wood element and rigidity of Laminate
flooring while enjoying all the waterproof features
of Luxury Vinyl products.

The result is a truly multi-functional
and 100% natural wood-fiber floor!


Unlike regular laminate flooring, AtroGuard®
can be wet & steam mopped and installed in kitchens,
bathrooms & basements, thanks to a 2-pass
power sealing process and the extra tight lock
click system that protects the board against
humidity like never before.

Install Over Extra Large Areas

AtroGuard® features an ultra-stable SureCore,
which means it can be installed over 400sqm. /
4,000 sq.ft.
without unsightly transition moldings
between rooms or open spaces.

“Wear, Scratches & Stains…
AtroGuard® can take it!”

If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is a video worth?

More and more PVC-based flooring solutions such as LVT or
WPC claim to compete because of their moisture resistance,
but let’s see how they perform against regular scratches
and stains next to AtroGuard®.

LVT or WPC’s resistance to scratches, stains & cigarette burns
comes nowhere near AtroGuard®’s, meanwhile the flooring is 100% PVC-free.

AtroGuard® is THE waterproof flooring solution for active households!

Commercial Wear Resistance

AtroGuard® comes with an AC4 or AC5 highly
resistant scratch and wear rating, perfect for
commercial use.

Ultra-Stable SureCore

AtroGuard’s® SureCore high density base
provides a 60% more stable core than standard
laminate flloors.


Power Sealer

A 2-pass power sealing process
protects all edges of the board against
humidity like never before.


Extra Tight Lock

AtroGuard®’s extra tight click system has 5X
the contact points between two planks
compared with a standard laminate “drop
down” click, making it one of the tightest
locks on the market today and virtually
stopping moisture from infiltrating!

Transform your room instantly from
the comfort of your own home with



Transform your room instantly from the comfort of your own home with ATROGUARD ROOM VISUALIZER

What people think about Atroguard

Christy LaRue Hicks

I have a small and large indoor dog and the flooring has performed outstandingly.

After considerable research, I had the Atroguard Sunkissed Acre installed throughout my home in May 2018. I love the color variation and that it truly looks like repurposed wood. (…) I am extremely pleased and happy with my choice.

Mike Symonchuk

The surface is very strong and doesn’t scratch

Having installed many different types of flooring, I can say with confidence that AtroGuard Flooring is Amazing, it’s extremely easy to work with, the surface is very strong and doesn’t scratch and is water proof! You cannot ask for a better floor. Highly recommend.

Ryan Robbins

This was our first attempt to install flooring ourselves and the process was pretty easy

After looking at several types of laminate flooring, we chose the Atroguard water resistant laminate product to install in our home including the kitchen area. We went with the Gatehouse color and couldn’t be happier. It’s not too dark so it hides dirt and water spots from kids well. We are very happy with the product and will be installing it in one of the bathrooms.

Courtney Baker

Loving the cozy farmhouse feels of the Cabin Wood color Atroguard!

Durability and low maintenance are huge priorities for most families, so it’s great that there is finally a floor available that provides both of those things, without compromising style and warmth. The Atroguard floors look and feel like real wood! (unlike many vinyl products that feel like plastic).

Trent Custer

We have two large indoor dog that run and play on it and it holds up well to their nails with no scratches.

The quality and look is what would recommend for your home. It is also extremely water resistant. If you don’t get to cleaning a spill up right away the flooring doesn’t swell like other laminate floors.

Melissa Davis Guy

The floors look so good we decided we had to paint our walls to update the total look (backwards process)

We just did an install of Cabin Wood over the last couple of weeks DIY. Absolutely love how these floors have turned out. I cannot wait to get my room in order and everything done to show these floors off! Absolutely gorgeous.

Safe & Family Friendly

Accredited ISO-IEC Guide 65:1996, the Greenguard Environmental Institute is an industry – independant organization that aims to protect human health and facilitate consumer’s choice for safer products through certification of products for extremely low chemical emissions.

California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) mission is to promote and protect public health. The phase 2 emission standard (known as CARB 2) defines the limit of emission of formaldehyde for distributing wood based products in the state of California, U.S.A.

More and more households and businesses are making the choice of having floors that are resistant to moisture and everyday spills, most of which are PVC-based. AtroGuard outperforms most waterproof floors in terms of overall performance, durability and ease of maintenance, all while being 100% PVC-free!

Beautiful Designs

AtroGuard® features deep synchronized texture and comes with up to 32 unique planks within one decor for a truly authentic wood look and feel.

The majority of American households have some type of pet. We love our animal friends, but accidents do happen. AtroGuard® flooring makes it easy to wipe away the little accidents, and there’s no need to sacrifice style for the inconvenience of an easy-care surface. See warranty for full details.

AtroGuard® is simple, fast and easy-to-install.
Thick and rigid SureCore requires minimum
subfloor preparations and installs over most hard surface subfloors.

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